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Azani is a dreamer, doer, and passionate pursuer of the kingdom of God. She believes everyone has a purpose and that, by tapping into the creator of the universe, all people can discover and walk in their purpose for the glory of God’s kingdom.

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6 Ways to Successfully Manage Your Season of Transition

Table of contents: What is a Season of Transition? And am I in One? Biblical Examples of Transition Seasons Building your Character During your Season of Change & Transition 6 Ways to Successfully Manage Your Season of Transition Scriptures to Declare during your Season of Transition My season of transition started in 2017. I graduated from college. [...]

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The 3 Questions to Ask Before & After the Interview to Get the Job & Leave a Stellar Impression

I know you've probably been there... Beating yourself up after an interview because you didn't provide enough detail or didn't share enough relevant experience. The truth is: It can be difficult to know what to ask during the interview to finish strong. Well, have no fear - Azani the interview expert is here to provide you with 3 simple questions to ask during the interv [...]

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2019 365-day Bible Reading Plan and Tips

Get Your Bible Reading Plan Below Another year, another opportunity to pursue God in an authentic and meaningful way.  If you're ready to dig deeper in the Word of God, click the links below to download the infographic that includes a day-by-day timeline to read your Bible in one year in 2019! Download the 365-day Bible reading plan here: So where can you find this [...]

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Taking Off the Limits of Time: The Power of Faith

Isn’t it funny the way we put the promises of God on a timeline? I’ve done it, just like I know you’ve done it. Putting your faith in God’s future ability instead of His present power. Believing Him for that great miracle to happen…..5 years from now. Many of us are walking in detached faith. Our belief system is detached from our present moment. We use phrases lik [...]

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Getting an Interview by Emailing Job Recruiters

Are you just here for the free email template to send to recruiters when looking for a job? No problem, download it for F R E E here:  This is a bad example because it requires the recruiter or manager to put in extra work to find a job that fits your needs. It also doesn’t give detail about who you are or why you’re interested in the company. As you probably not [...]

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Pursuing Wholeness: A spiritual guide for those who are sick and tired of being broken

This blog post was inspired by the book Wholeness by Toure Roberts and some of the thoughts and ideas listed come from ideas from that book. There are a million things right now longing to be your wholeness. They scream at you, telling you “I can make you whole!” knowing that they can only give you a temporary high, at best. From social media to relationships, to en [...]

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What Does it Mean to Pursue God and Where Do I Begin?

A lot of people find themselves asking God “what’s next?” They’re doing okay. Living a decent life, but they don’t know what to do next. They want more spiritually, but don’t necessarily know how to pursue God or who he truly is. No one is teaching them what to do with their zeal, passion, and talents. The Church isn’t teaching them how to practically li [...]

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6 Quick Tips to Perfectly Prepare for a Career Fair

In college, I NEVER went to career fairs. Not once. I hated the idea of networking and having to “sell” myself, and I never thought the enormous number of awkward conversations was worth it. Now that I work in corporate recruiting, I have a different perspective. Don’t get me wrong, career fairs can still be awkward…and sometimes a bit forced… but it’s how you pr [...]

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