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I want to advance in my….

The 3 Questions to Ask Before & After the Interview to Get the Job & Leave a Stellar Impression

I know you've probably been there... Beating yourself up after an interview because you didn't provide enough detail or didn't share enough relevant experience. The truth is: It can be difficult to know what to ask during the interview to finish strong. Well, have no fear - Azani the interview expert is here to provide you with 3 simple questions to ask during the interv [...]

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Getting an Interview by Emailing Job Recruiters

Are you just here for the free email template to send to recruiters when looking for a job? No problem, download it for F R E E here:  This is a bad example because it requires the recruiter or manager to put in extra work to find a job that fits your needs. It also doesn’t give detail about who you are or why you’re interested in the company. As you probably not [...]

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6 Quick Tips to Perfectly Prepare for a Career Fair

In college, I NEVER went to career fairs. Not once. I hated the idea of networking and having to “sell” myself, and I never thought the enormous number of awkward conversations was worth it. Now that I work in corporate recruiting, I have a different perspective. Don’t get me wrong, career fairs can still be awkward…and sometimes a bit forced… but it’s how you pr [...]

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4 (Extremely Common) Reasons You Never Seem to Reach Your Goals

All of us have dreams and goals. But when the cares of life come, our goals tend to get put on the back burner. Somehow, we look up, and it’s been months... even years... and we still haven't reached the goals we set for ourselves. Here are 4 things I’ve done, and that you may be doing too, that are stopping you from reaching your goals. 1.) You are waiting to fe [...]

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The New Salary Law That Forbids Employers Ask This Question

It’s the one question on a job application that can really put you at odds. “What’s your current salary?” It’s a tough one to answer. You don’t want to get cheated because of how little you made at your last job, but you also don’t want employers to assume that your salary expectations will be too high for the position you applied for. Well, the new s [...]

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6 Questions to Ask Before You Accept the Job Offer

You’ve put in the time. You’ve done your part. Tweaking resume after resume; editing cover letter after cover letter. And finally, your hard work is paying off – you have a job offer. Woohoo! But wait just one second…. Just because you got the offer does not mean that you have to, or even should, accept it. You want to make sure that your next job is better than [...]

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The 3-Step Guide to Building an Irresistable, Tailored Resume

The 3-Step Guide to Building an Irresistable, Tailored Resume What's the most tiring part of the job application process for you? Is it searching for jobs? Writing your cover letter? Prepping for interviews? For me, taking the time to fix up each resume is a bit tiring. If I'm being honest with you, tailoring each resume to the job you're applying for is not fun -- but it [...]

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Finance Study Abroad

Think about it. Living on an island. Paradise. Meeting new friends. Experiencing a new culture. Sipping a virgin mojito along finely-grained sand while overlooking the turquoise, baby blue and foam green sea. Sound like a dream come true? It was for me. And it can be for you too! Although this sounds ideal, the thought of financing studying abroad can be draining w [...]

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