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I want to advance in my….

What Does it Mean to Pursue God and Where Do I Begin?

A lot of believers find themselves asking God “what’s next?” They’re saved, living a “holy-enough” life, but they don’t know what to do next. They want more spiritually, but don’t necessarily know how to pursue God. No one is teaching them what to do with their zeal and passion. The Church isn’t teaching them how to practically live out their faith. [...]

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365-day Bible Reading Plan and Tips

Get Your Bible Reading Plan Below Ready to dig deeper in the Word of God? Click the links below to download the infographic that includes a day-by-day timeline to read your Bible in one year! Download the 365-day Bible reading plan here: So where can you find this information? Many Bibles have a brief section at the beginning of each book that discusses the author, the [...]

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The Battle & Beauty of Selflessness

It was heart wrenching and humbling the moment I realized that my walk with God had become all about me. Me, me, me. Even the “good” things I was doing, were rooted in a desire to please, serve and glorify me. It’s sickening, to be honest. Part of this selfishness came straight from myself. But the other part of it, I believe, was temptation from Satan. [...]

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The Truth About Shame & Condemnation

"God isn't looking for perfect people. He's looking for pure people." -Dr. Cornelius Sanders IIGod isn't looking for perfect people. He is the perfect One.  He's just looking for people with pure hearts and pure motives. Pure desires and pure intentions. This is one of the best things about being a child of God. You can make mistakes and still be 100% His. Yes, I said it... [...]

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Confronting the “church girl” stereotype

Confronting the "church girl" stereotype" I was in a conversation with a coworker the other day. It was a Wednesday and she asked what I was doing that evening. Going to church was my response. She let out a huge gasp and said "oh my gosh you're a church girl?!" I chuckled and reluctantly said yes. [...]

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Overcoming Envy

 "There is a generation that will deal with the envy issue straight on. They will not hide from it; they will not call it something else; they will not justify it with a false zeal; they will not let shame keep them from confessing it. They will say with simple forthrightness, "I have a problem with envy. Lord Jesus, forgive me! Cleanse me. Root out the self-seeking ambition [...]

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For Every Person on the Fence About Doing God’s Will

For Every Person on the Fence About Doing God's Will I don't know if you've read my story yet, but my life before becoming a Christian was not very healthy. I had a whole lot of voids that needed to be filled and I tried a whole bunch of things to try to get them filled. My life looked happy and successful on social media, but in reality? Nah, it wasn't. I was trying to [...]

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This One Thing Every Christian Leader Must Do

There are a lot of things that we’re told to do as Christians. Go to church. Give ya tithes. Be nice. Show love. Don’t condemn. Forgive. Pray. Etc. Don’t get me wrong, all of these things are vitally important in your walk with God, however, there is one thing that is missing from the long list of “to-dos” that are often thrown at us left and right… [...]

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