July 9, 2018

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For Every Person on the Fence About Doing God’s Will

I don’t know if you’ve read my story yet, but my life before becoming a Christian was not very healthy. I had a whole lot of voids that needed to be filled and I tried a whole bunch of things to try to get them filled.

My life looked happy and successful on social media, but in reality? Nah, it wasn’t. I was trying to fill a void that only God can, honestly.

With social media being used so much, it’s easy to begin to think that outside things can help fill your voids. Music. Partying. Relationships. Sex. Food. Weed. Friendships. The list goes on and on… It’s so easy to see people who appear to be living the life and think, “Hmmmm….maybe I need to do what they’re doing.”

Well I love you, so I want to shed light on some things and tell you the truth.

This post is specifically for my friends, my peers, and my brothers and sisters in Christ who are tempted to “test the waters” in areas that may or may not be so good.

If you feel a tugging at your heart when you read this then I encourage you to keep going… don’t stop just yet.

Only Half the Story

What you see on social media and what you hear people discussing is only half the story.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, so I’ll do just that. When I first started going out and drinking it was leisurely. But it became an escape for me; a way to fill a void.

It started off with me drinking every 6 months, then every month, then every week. It’s like all the “fun” I was having escalated and I started doing it more and more. But let me tell you, it wasn’t because it was fun that I kept doing it — it’s because the more I used these things to try to fill my voids, the emptier I got. And the emptier I got, the more I needed these things to not go crazy.

It was a cycle. A cycle that I’m not happy about and wouldn’t suggest to anyone.

Look, I’m not trying to throw a pity party for myself, and I’m also not trying to tell you not to drink. I’m not trying to tell you not to go out to the club or do whatever. Look. LIVE YOUR LIFE. I believe it’s a matter of personal conviction.

But if you’re doing these things out of an attempt to fill a void… or out of blatant disobedience from what the Holy Spirit told you not to do… then it becomes an issue.

I love you, so I want to speak the truth to you.

People tell you about the joy of sin, but they won’t tell you about the disastrous effects of it.

People will tell you about how high they were, but they won’t tell you how empty they felt when the high was gone.

People will tell you how good the weed was, but they won’t tell you that the reason they can’t let it go is because they can’t stand the thought of themselves without it.

People will tell you how perfect their spouse or significant other is, but they won’t tell you how alone they feel when the same person they put their hope and trust in lets them down.

People will tell you how much alcohol they drank last night, but they won’t tell you about the guilt they felt because they spent too much money on it and are now broke, struggling to pay their bills.

People will tell you how good the sex was but they won’t tell you how heartbroken and depressed and worthless they felt when the person they committed themselves to up and leaves.

People won’t tell you that despite all the fun and laughs the night before, despite the glitz and glam and smiles, that there is still an emptiness that weighs heavy in them that no amount of alcohol could fill, and no sound of trap music could silence.

With every high in this world, there will always be a fall. But with Jesus as your high, he never lets you drop. He keeps you sane. Whole. At peace. With joy. In assurance. He never leaves you nor forsakes you. But that thing you’re using to fill a void? It will do both…leave you and forsake you. It’s a device from Satan. He wants you trusting in something other than God to make you whole so that he can destroy you. He knows that once your hope is fully in Jesus, there’s nothing he can do because God will protect you.

Don’t be deceived, Satan hates you, and he gives you sin and wrong thoughts and empty voids that leave you high and dry to prove it! He makes you think that all of the outside things can help you when he knows only God can. He comes to kill, steal and destroy.

But we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices. And we are not of them who have no faith.

We are of them who trust God to fill our voids, to guide our paths, to make us whole, and to give us joy. We are not of them who fall for the ways of this world.
All I’m saying is doing things your way is FUN. FUN, your hear me? But the effects are not fun. NOT FUN AT ALL.
Look, I’m also not trying to scare you out of any decisions you make. God’s grace is more than enough to cover any bad decisions! But what I am saying is that your well-being is much more important than the fleeting joy of doing things that aren’t in Gods plan for your life. Hear me again, I’m not even specifically talking about sin (although it could very well be sin) – I’m just talking about things that YOU know God has told or led YOU not to do. It’s about your life and your future! It’s about being healthy and being whole! It’s about placing Jesus at the forefront, center, and root of every void you need filled, and not running to anything but Him when you feel empty.

Want to Fill a Void? Do it God’s Way

I encourage you. RIGHT NOW. Ask God to search your heart. Are the things you’re partaking in because you want to glorify God? Serve Him? Love Him? Is it out of pure fun and innocence or is there a deeper motive that may not be God? That may be attempting to fill a void or an ache that only Jesus can?

What Jesus uncovers, is between you & Him, but I encourage you to cling to his grace like a little child clings to his mama. Grab hold of his love and never let it go because that is where you will experience true freedom, as I have.

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