June 18, 2015

racism in america today

Hate Crime, The Church, & Racism in America Today

Written June 18, 2015 as a reflection of the South Carolina shooting.
We all know about racism in America today and the shooting that occurred in the South Carolina church recently.

If you don’t, keep reading and you’ll find out.

After this shooting, so many people expressed fury and frustration! Christians were upset and many African-Americans were outraged with the racist white man that killed nine people in a Black church.

But frustration has also erupted in the heart of God because of the hatred that divides the Church.

Let’s review the sickening and sad recent happenings in South Carolina: A white gunman who now admits that he had race-based motives (anger toward the black race) goes to a black church and takes his anger out on nine beautiful people, killing them.

Well, the issue that most people are choosing to address is racism. Specifically, racism in America today against blacks. Let’s be clear, this is an issue. But the issue that I choose to address is THE CHURCH (body of Christ). The body of Christ is not supposed to be segregated (“black” churches, “white” churches, etc). That’s not biblical! The body of Christ has clearly created a gateway for race-based hate crime to enter the church by not following the principles of God. In the words of Dr. Cornelius Sanders II, “every church should be a rainbow church.”

Now we have 9 beautiful people who have been killed at a church, fueled by the race that is associated with the church, when God has not even called churches to be separated or segregated by race.

If we use race as a factor within the church (which sets the example for the nation) then how can we truly expect for racism in America today to be non-existent?

Answer: WE CANT!!

So why are we still surprised that these issues still exist? The sad answer to this question is that America is still handcuffed to old, racist doctrines and principles. We have not truly sought Jesus in order to break the shackles of racism and segregation off of our mind.  We have a fear of change that keeps us in old traditional and religious ways that, from the start, were never in the will of God. Our heart’s desire is to be free, but our minds are still trapped in the past. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that the most segregated hour is 11am on Sunday mornings — sadly, this is still true.

I am still praying for this nation, but my prayers are now refocused on the Church, and my prayer is this:

I command the spirit of segregation and racism to RISE UP OFF THE BODY OF CHRIST! I command that the spirit of religion and tradition that keeps people handcuffed to old doctrines, principles and mindsets LEAVE THE CHURCH!! God, correct your people! Reform the churches! Destroy what’s not like you! Hold accountable people with false teachings and doctrines! YOU reign! Let YOUR will be done!

Now, what action will you take to stop the madness?

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