December 14, 2018

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Isn’t it funny the way we put the promises of God on a timeline? I’ve done it, just like I know you’ve done it. Putting your faith in God’s future ability instead of His present power. Believing Him for that great miracle to happen…..5 years from now.

Many of us are walking in detached faith. Our belief system is detached from our present moment. We use phrases like “in God’s timing” far too often, making it appear that the lack of manifestation of God’s Word in our life is due to his “perfect timing” when, in reality, it is due to our unbelief.

Yeah, I recently had to call it what it was in my own life… Unbelief. We simply don’t believe. We doubt. Let’s just put it on the table and be real with Him. “Lord, I want to trust you, but I struggle.” Like the young boy’s father in the book of Mark said, I believe, but help my unbelief.

FAITH is the substance of things hoped for (Hebrews 11:1). In other words, the miracle ain’t coming just because 5 years passed, it’s coming because you & I BELIEVE. Your faith creates what you’re hoping for, not time.

We’ve tricked ourselves! By “believing” for that miracle to happen in 5 years instead of right now, we’ve made ourselves feel better about our unbelief in God’s “right now” power. We’ve placed the limitation of time on God’s power, thinking we must wait a certain number of months or years to get God’s promises, when, in reality, it’s not about time, it’s about faith.


The Beauty (and Barrier) of Time

Time is a blessing and a beauty, yet, under right circumstances, it is also a hindrance and distraction.

How so?

As humans who live in time, it is difficult to understand God who does not live in time, but simply created time. Because we operate in a realm of time and live in a society where life stages and circumstances are determined by pre-set timelines, we naturally create personal timelines based on our circumstances. I know you can relate…

I need to own a home by this age.

I need to be married by this age.

I need to start my business in this time frame.

I need to have my degree by this year.

I need to be better off spiritually by this time.

The list goes on and on, friends.

Time and Faith - PhotoDespite our self-made timelines, God who created time (but does not move by it) desires for us to walk by faith. In other words, our faith should not be based on a timeframe, but in the God who created time.

A wise man once said… “God does not live in time, but he has the right to penetrate time any time he wants to.” (Apostle Dr. Cornelius Sanders II).

How does God penetrate the realm of time in which we live? How does God show himself in our “right now” moments and in our daily lives? By faith. A faith activated by a life surrendered to Christ and walked out through the application of His living Word.

A Life Surrendered + Faith = Recipe for Success

If I didn’t already, I’ve gotta make this very clear. The promises of God are for His kids. It’s not for those who are on the fence. It’s for those who have whole-heartedly laid down their life to follow Jesus, Yeshua. Those who have decided to make God the cornerstone, center, leader, and foundation of their world. If you’re not following Him, these truths are not for you.

God loves all people, but He moves most drastically on behalf of those who have faith in Him and His salvation through Christ Jesus. He is not a genie in a bottle where anyone can rub his tummy, make ‘em feel good, fake-faith it out, and get what they want.

Nah, that ain’t my God.

This is not a fairytale movie; it’s a real-life familial, spiritual partnership with the Creator. Those who are in Him are joint-heirs, co-owners of all that is God’s. So that healing power is also yours if you’re surrendered. The joy and freedom is also yours once you’ve decided to join His heavenly family.

Those who follow Him can decree a thing and it be established. Not tomorrow, not in a week, but right now. The faith God has given you is to be used for “now” moments.

We serve a right now God

What I’m saying is…. You don’t have to wait 10 years to receive what God has for you (unless, of course, that’s where your faith is). I’m not just talking money, I’m talking wisdom, joy, freedom, deliverance, restoration, salvation, healing, victory, knowledge, etc.

You think God wants to wait months, years, even days to give you His everlasting joy and freedom? You think he wants you to be bound for another 6 years just to “teach you a lesson?” You think he’s waiting to heal your body until you’ve been saved long enough?

No way. God loves to show His character and prove His word to be true. But he can only do so through a people of faith. The miracles and promises of God come through vessels of faith, not happenstance moments of “maybe’s.”

Our God wants us to be free, whole, joyous, and walking in his power right now, not later. Unfortunately, His desire for us – and even your own desire for yourself – is not enough to manifest the promises of God in your life. God does not move based on desire or even tears, He moves by faith (also, the words of the legendary Apostle Sanders).

Don’t get me wrong, some things require process (and God certainly likes to ensure we’re prepared for what He has for us before just giving it to us). Yes, there are some things God must prepare us for before giving to us, so it may take time – but even those processes should not be put on a timeline because, in that process, we should be walking by faith.

The world tells us we have to be X age to receive Y; or once you hit X age Y will inevitably happen to you; or that it is going to take X number of years to fulfill a certain goal.

“Walk by faith, and God will penetrate the moment in which you are living right now.”

But God tells us, “look, walk by faith, and I will penetrate the moment in which you are living right now.” So stop looking at how much time you think it should or could take, and let your faith flow.

God’s ways are not our ways. It’s crazy. “Timing” is not actually based on time, but on faith. That thing that seems so far away is actually at the edge of your fingertips, but whether you’re able to grasp it depends on your faith.

Yahweh: The Redeemer of Time

I want to be practical and realistic here, so let’s be honest. We’ve all wasted time on stupid things in our life. Some of us may have wasted 1 year, while others may have wasted 25 years. That can be a hard pill to swallow and a difficult reality of face.

When you’re looking at your life and all the time wasted, it’s easy to tell yourself silly lies like “I can’t do X anymore because I’ve wasted too much time” or “I don’t have enough time to complete X goal anymore, so I’m just going to give up.”

I get it. I’ve been there. But last time I checked, God helped Sarah conceive a child way past her “time” (Genesis 20 & 21). He rose Jesus from the dead right when everyone thought Jesus’ “time” on Earth was up (Mark 16). Even the man who spent 38 years waiting by the water still got healed (John 5).

Time is not the problem. A lack of faith is!

If you’re worried about time wasted or time spent, remember, God even redeems time! But you’ve gotta have faith.
Deadlines and Goals are Good… Faith is Even Better!

It’s good to set goals, and have timelines and deadlines, and to create plans but I sure hope your faith isn’t anchored in that. Time is good – God even tells us to number our days (Psalm 90:12) and that there is a time for everything under the sun – but don’t allow time to be your driving force. Instead be thrusted into the realities of God by faith.

Okay, Lord. Help us get this.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything else delayed or hindered in my life due to unbelief.

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